What is the disposition of BTC if a wallet is offline when a transaction actually occurs?

I ask this as I’ve an historic (ca.2014) pockets.dat from Bitcoin core from v.8, and it’ll not load into v22.0 of Bitcoin core. Funds have been made to the v.8.x pockets’s tackle whereas the precise pockets was off-line.

[Error thrown when trying to open v.8.x core wallet with v22.x core](

The v.8 pockets isn’t encrypted. I do know the passphrase, and I’m able to open the .dat file utilizing PyWallet if I would like to brush the pockets. The transactions all present up on the blockchain, however they don’t seem to be within the pockets. If I sweep the pockets into a brand new pockets, what occurs to all of the transactions that have been made to the unique v.8 pockets’s tackle whereas that pockets was off-line? Can I assign the brand new v22.x pockets the tackle of the v.8.x pockets?

Attempting to wrap my head round this for every week now, and have learn everybody’s recommendation about making an attempt to open an outdated Bitcoin core pockets with a model of Bitcoin core from this decade in all the same old locations.

My having an acquired mind harm would not assist.

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