Satoshi’s 1 Million Bitcoins Legal Court Case Kleiman vs Craig Wright questions


Understood case in court docket continues to be ongoing in Florida.

While you guys assume jury will attain a verdict?

If Craig wright is discovered responsible and has to pay the victims that’s Dave Kleiman’s household then Kleiman’s household is entitled to half 1,000,000 500,000 bitcoins right? That is 50% custody of Satoshi’s Bitcoins.

The place can we see this Satoshi pockets deal with with over 1 million bitcoins in there on the bitcoin explorer/chain?

If Craig is discovered responsible and shortly after that we are able to see on the blockchain that over 1 million bitcoins quantity in that pockets has decreased then that proves Craig Wright is the true Satoshi Nakamoto and has the non-public keys to this pockets?

Hasn’t Kleiman’s household lawyer who’s representing them suggested the Kleimans that after its confirmed that Craig Wright is to be the true Satoshi Nakamoto then bitcoin will crash to $0 which means that court docket case that they filed and sue Craig Wright for shall be for nothing as a result of 500,000 bitcoins shall be nugatory so what is the level of the case?   

Craig Wright is wealthy so if Craig Wright loses how is it settled with the Kleiman’s household? 500,000 bitcoins or Craig settles it together with his personal money? Does the decide resolve or Kleiman’s household decides how its settled?

**So in conclusion the one manner we discover out if Craig Wright is the true Satoshi Nakamoto is that if he loses the court docket case and the decide orders him to offer Kleiman’s household over 500,000 bitcoins and we are able to see the 1.1 Million bitcoins in Satoshi Pockets has decreased loads in quantity of bitcoins in there after the case is completed? In that case BTC will crash in worth & BSV Bitcoin Satoshi Imaginative and prescient will take over?**

Lastly why is that the early those who labored on Bitcoin resembling Dave Kleiman and Hal Finney all have died coincidently? 

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