Bitcoin futures and how they might not be able to suppress price.

It was raised earlier that the rise of bitcoin futures etfs might enable governments and central banks to suppress the value of bitcoin.

I don’t imagine in the long term this might work.

The shorting of bitcoin by promoting of money settled futures contracts solely works by the arbitrage created between the spot market and the futures markets.

Any entity with a long run view on bitcoin might use this arbitrage to progressively purchase better quantities of bitcoin for the decrease costs.

This might find yourself additional proscribing provide and ultimately growing costs.

The extra the value is suppressed the extra shorting is required to maintain it down. This might find yourself being one other approach that printed cash would enter the financial system, which might add to inflation and enhance the worth of bitcoin relative to the cash provide.

Whichever approach you take a look at this so long as the consumers of bitcoin take possession of it the value may be very troublesome to control.

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