Writing a novel involving Bitcoin – Help Needed!

Hello r/Bitcoin ,

I am at present writing a fictional story, the central drama of which is that somebody hid a flash drive containing lots of of Bitcoin behind a puzzle involving geocaching, CTF-type on-line video games, and cryptography. I’m questioning what precisely must be hidden to maintain the bitcoin inaccessible till the puzzle is solved. I’m new to cryptocurrency, though I’ve just lately picked up my analysis on the subject fairly a bit. I’m conscious that you would be able to restore wallets utilizing a seed or non-public key – however do you truly make a replica of your unique bitcoin in that course of, or simply restore entry to an current pockets? Principally I must know this stuff:

1. What do I truly maintain once I say I personal a bitcoin? Do I maintain an precise file that’s the string of numbers that’s the bitcoin, or does the blockchain simply retailer the info saying I personal a bitcoin?
2. If I’ve bitcoin saved on a flash drive and air-gapped like this one can be, can I recuperate them with out recovering the bodily flash drive, if I’ve the seed or non-public key?

Thanks to your assist!

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