What can be done with a stolen Bitcoin ATM?

The latest information from Spain about stolen Bitcoin ATM introduced up some questions in thoughts.

1. Is it helpful solely to steal the money that was deposited contained in the ATM for buying bitcoin? In that case will not or not it’s extra productive to steal a Money meting out ATM since it could include additional cash?
2. Can that Bitcoin ATM be linked on-line to deposit money many times for infinite cash? I don’t assume this may be potential since it could get detected by ATM operator and likewise most likely deactivate it as quickly as they received to know it’s stolen.
3. Could also be they’ll depart it on-line and useful to see what are all of the wallets that the Bitcoin is getting deposited to?
4. Are there some other safety dangers from the ATM like data of playing cards or wallets getting used for transactions?

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