Are mnemonics (seed words) becoming imminently obsolete?

Right this moment I lastly gave Muun pockets a strive, and I have to say, I’ve seen the longer term, and now I’m questioning if Mnemonics are slowly changing into out of date. Let me be extra concrete:

It looks like the bleeding fringe of backup expertise is shifting away from Mnemonics, and in the direction of output script descriptors, as described in BIP380 to BIP386. Why?

>…mnemonics depend on all wallets utilizing a single key with the identical, single script: pay-to-public-key. If we wish to maintain (and enhance!) restoration interoperability in a world of fee channels and multisig vaults, we have to work on new backup and restoration mechanisms.
Enter output script descriptors (BIP380 to BIP386). Designed by Pieter Wuille and Andrew Chow, descriptors present a human-readable option to categorical any mixture of keys, scripts, derivation paths, and handle sorts with out ambiguity. These descriptors enable a program to find and spend funds from any given script in a totally interoperable method.


**tldr: the improvements that Taproot unlocks, make mnemonics out of date. And work is underway to create/invent new backup mechanisms.**


PS: Muun pockets’s UX is so clean and easy. I’m going to be on-boarding my pre-coiner dad and mom over the vacations, and let me inform you, Muun is a godsend.

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