A disappointing tale of how I could have gotten rich off of bitcoin

Can not help however really feel dangerous for myself, however making an attempt to place it previous me.

It was 2016, I used to be a university scholar and I did not know sufficient about bitcoin. I saved telling individuals it might someday go up, however I NEVER would have anticipated what it’s at in the present day.

I owned 6 bitcoin, spending and promoting it freely, pondering nothing of it. On the time, BTC was round $400 a coin.

It pains me to consider that $2400, which in the present day can be almost $390,000… from the view of somebody who makes $25,000 a yr, that’s completely life altering cash. To not point out that is JUST what I had in bitcoin. I had one other $5,000 or so in financial savings, and CONSTANTLY made jokes about placing all of it into bitcoin. Little did I do know that joke would go on to be one of many greatest regrets of my life.

Love seeing everybody right here who did revenue off of bitcoin, so blissful for all of you!

On a aspect observe* i do discover a bit of peace in the truth that I’d have in all probability bought when BTC reached $20,000. Although this could nonetheless have been a unprecedented amount of cash to me, I can reside the considered lacking out on $120,000 greater than virtually $400,000

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