This Dude Put His Life Savings into Bitcoin 8 Years Ago–He’s Got to Be Feeling Good Now!

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# I put all my life financial savings into bitcoins

Final week, I put all my life financial savings into Bitcoin. I am solely 30 so I do know whereas it’s a threat, I nonetheless have an opportunity to recuperate if it crashes, and I’ve a full time job anyway. I simply thought how the individuals round me are placing cash into their homes, into youngsters and costly weddings, and they’re going to by no means get a return on that. It simply disappears. I additionally thought how most individuals will go their entire life and never take a threat and ‘go for it’… and once I’m older, I won’t be able to issues like this. I might be much more conservative. Now’s the time for me to take a threat.

So I put a complete of about $50,000 USD and acquired in. I do not understand how lengthy I will hold it in, however I am considering at the least 5 to 10 years, possibly longer. I have not informed anybody and I do not plan to, however I be ok with it. One other factor I take into consideration is that there’ll solely be 21 million bitcoins ever launched, and that’s NOTHING once I cease and give it some thought. To me it looks like an incredible alternative.

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