Noob questions.

Howdy, I’ve a really fundamental data of crypto foreign money, I like the overall thought and stand behind it, I’ve some questions. First is, Im coming from an ideological perspective, not a lot of a I’ve fomo and need to maximize revenue perspective I like crypto as a result of It offers energy to the folks and can be utilized to create a freer society through twin energy, nonetheless is crypto foreign money truly being utilized in actual life with day after day stuff? That is what I would like it for use for not individuals who have fomo and money out on a regular basis, I would like actual world functions.

2nd is environmental impacts, from what I’ve seen the ability of crypto can energy a small nation, how can we mitigate environmental harm? Is there extra environmentally pleasant cash?

third is market worth and infation, is crypto actually that a lot better of the worth per coin is continually fluctuationing? Can crypto fight inflation or sluggish the method?

4th, I do know you’ll be able to make investments through the inventory market and that is authorized however what about truly utilizing it? Will I be placed on an inventory?

fifth I’ve seen advertisements particularly the lion icon steel playing cards which have crypto storage, is not that tied to a financial institution they usually can see and by extension the federal government can see what you spend it on?

sixth how do I truly get crypto foreign money, like even have it and really use it?

I feel that is all I’ve for now, I do know it is quite a bit so take your time 🙂

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