Where can I “stake” BTC and earn interest in a non-custodial manner?

I’m searching for a spot (decentralized, non-custodial) to earn some curiosity on my BTC holdings. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Edit – Thanks for all of the solutions! Listed below are a number of choices mentioned within the feedback

0. Simply maintain it and overlook about incomes curiosity. I agree it is a good default possibility.

1. Centralized lenders equivalent to / Celsius / Blockfolio (FTX) can supply 4-6% APY. However they’re custodial. I lose the management of my cash to a non-public firm.

2. I can wrap my BTC in tokens and lend out on a decentralized lender equivalent to AAVE. However the APY is tremendous low (beneath 1%) and completely not value it given the excessive transaction charges concerned.

3. Working a Lightning Community node appears a very good possibility. It’s not simple to determine how a lot APY I can get from that however I’d assume it’s beneath 1%. I can help the community although in order that’s one other profit. There’s additionally a threat of being hacked.

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