Let’s keep Bitcoin out of Politics

If our finish objective is to have Bitcoin denominate the bottom layer of our international economic system, we want Bitcoin to remain out of Politics. Politicians shilling Bitcoin to their constituents will solely divide sentiment amongst US Residents which can delay mainstream adoption.

TL;DR: It is extra helpful if Bitcoin organically spreads by way of capitalistic means than if shilled by US Politicians.


When confronted with a seamless debasement of world fiat, banks and companies will ultimately look to different means to remain solvent and can make the most of Bitcoin as such. Can Politicians outlaw Bitcoin? Certain, nevertheless it’ll be politically irrational. At that time, in the event that they do outlaw Bitcoin, different international locations will profit from adoption (prisoners dilemma), and the US economic system / US monetary system will lose arduous.

But when we begin enjoying partisan video games with Bitcoin, adoption might be a protracted and troublesome highway to navigate.

Alas, it’s inevitable that Bitcoin will turn into mainstream partisan banter. Because of this we want Bitcoin Ambassadors from all political events to run for native, state, and federal authorities positions.

I suppose I counter-argued my argument.

What do you suppose? Ought to BTC keep out of politics?

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