Have made a personal decision to stop buying or using Chinese goods and services until the government removes the ban on Bitcoin and Crypto. Have also sold my shares in Chinese companies.

300 million world crypto customers can impose their very own particular person financial sanctions in the event that they select to make a stand.

Bitcoin is the personification and crystallisation of the freedom and freedoms of humanity.

The peaceable alternate of innocent cryptographic code must be a elementary god given proper if its the expressed will of a folks.

Sure crypto cannot and won’t finally be stopped.

Nonetheless any authorities taking a forceful motion to ban it is inhabitants from collaborating in an open and decentralised world community, must be despatched a transparent and united message from the remainder of civilization that this seashore of human rights won’t be tolerated.

Holding or transacting in cryptographic code ought to by no means be thought-about against the law. The true crime is in opposition to.humanity when an authoritarian dictatorship makes an attempt to forcefully block people from collaborating.within the biggest monetary liberation in historical past.

Bitcoin is proof that each particular person counts and once we collaborate and cooperate collectively we’re pressure to be reckoned.with.

It simply takes handful of individuals with perception to start out a revolution and make voices heard and actions felt.

On behalf of the human rights of my fellow world residents in China… I am banning myself from funding the federal government of the Folks’s Republic of China.

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