For poor people and people that hate volatilty in Salvador, BTC rollout is a godsend

I’m hating that few folks appear to get the purpose, that its not solely BTC being made “authorized” in Salvador, they’re deploying a very sensible infrastructure with a USD-BTC-Lighting ecosystem that permits folks to not even contact Bitcoin volatility in the event that they dont need, they will preserve their DOLLARS, they simply dont want a purpose to make use of money as a result of no comissions (FUCK visa-mastercard and the banks). It is a massive fuck you to the monetary system and an enormous win for poor folks, hypothesis with the value of bitcoin is extra for center class which might make investments but additionally anybody that wishes to have a FREE TRUE SAVINGS ACCOUNT IN DOLLARS (fuck 0,5% APY of the banks) may also can ship BTC by way of lightning to an change like OKEX after which get to a DeFi Pockets to place usd stablecoin in 20% APY or one thing. Revolutionary? YES

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