“Everything we do has an environmental cost. Bitcoin has a net benefit”- Adrian Grenier

“You’re going to see the adoption fee enhance exponentially over time, however you’re additionally seeing bitcoin as future {dollars}, versus bitcoin. The place we have to get to philosophically is that it’s not going to finally turn into {dollars}, it’s simply going to be bitcoin.”

“The mainstream sentiment is that bitcoin is about earning money…and certain that that does occur, however actually, what’s on the coronary heart of bitcoin is an ethos and a philosophy round decentralizing our skill to attach with each other in numerous methods, alternate worth, and be homeowners and have extra sovereignty on the planet’s wealth, taking it out of the palms of the gatekeepers and the centralized banks.”

“Every thing that we do has an environmental value. There are externalities to utterly all the things. And simply because one thing has an externality doesn’t imply that it’s a internet detriment. I believe that bitcoin has a internet profit.”

This. Man. Fucks.

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