Fox News passes on Bitcoin stories because “It wont play with Poor African-Americans”

On the newest Challenge Veritas video Ivory Hecker leaks video conversations between her and her boss, Lee Meier, Assistant Information Director.

In one of many clips, Lee Meier says “I’ll say, yeah and Bitcoin for a poor African-American viewers at 5(pm), its most likely not going to play”

Additionally, “I’ve handed on dozens of Bitcoin tales”

Right here we’ve one more instance of the Media creating FUD round Bitcoin. We have now a lot of examples on how the media makes use of double converse, saying one thing after which saying the alternative, like tales about how Bitcoin is nice, then Bitcoin is dangerous.

I wish to take this second to level out that the media additionally lies by omission. Purposefully not reporting on, seemingly, optimistic tales about Bitcoin. I’m going to take a lead and assume that the “dozens of tales” that she handed on have been Constructive tales concerning Bitcoin.

I’d additionally prefer to make one other assumption; Lee has a directive to not let African-Individuals learn about bitcoin. They need to preserve Bitcoin a secret from as many individuals as doable proper now. It appears actually F*cked as much as particularly goal African-Individuals for something not to mention Bitcoin.

Right here her argument is that poor black individuals are not curious about Bitcoin. Poor individuals are those who want Bitcoin the MOST! They need to preserve black individuals poor, and deny them the information of Bitcoin and its monetary alternatives.

Im not making an attempt to make this political so I can’t handle the remainder of the movies subjects. Constructive info concerning Bitcoin is being omitted from poor individuals. We have to proceed to inform our family and friends in regards to the monetary advantages of investing some capital into Bitcoin. Its nonetheless early and everyone knows that, so assist your folks and households grow to be conversant in Bitcoin and Blockchain expertise.

In the event that they ask you questions you dont know the solutions to then you’ve gotten some studying to do too. Educate your self after which comply with again up with them. This subreddit is a superb place to ask questions as properly as a result of you’re going to get good info from the group.


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