RGB protocol explanation for bitcoiners

I made [a post on yalls]( the place I attempted to elucidate what RGB is and the way it works from a excessive degree perspective. I feel Bitcoin and LN might be a settlement/fee community for any forex due to RGB sooner or later. To clarify RGB, I present how RGB core ideas permits you to take a contemporary take a look at what Bitcoin is technically. This publish is for individuals who wish to perceive how RGB works underneath the hund with none code and the way it makes use of Bitcoin and LN, it’s fairly technical.


If you wish to learn my clarification totally free, I shared my publish within the reddit r/RGB_protocol so you may learn it [there]( 🙂 (I hope we’ll see extra exercise on the RGB sub with its adoption).

The LNPBP affiliation additionally made good slides not too long ago as an instance the way you transfert RGB asset on-chain [here]( ! It is a nice image to know how Bitcoin safe RGB transactions and the way they occur.

I hope a few of you’ll take pleasure in it !

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