RGB for Lightning Network. I’m so excited.

“The traditional instance is CryptoKitties, these breedable NFT felines minted on the Ethereum community. One other maybe less-familiar instance comes from the RarePepe playing cards issued on Bitcoin utilizing the Counterparty protocol.

RGB might have a leg up on these types of NFTs as a result of RGB would permit you to ship the pc file for the NFT in the identical transaction because the asset that represents it. Whenever you ship a CryptoKitty as an ERC-721 token on Ethereum or a RarePepe “coloured coin” on Bitcoin, the file for the precise collectible must be transferred individually. With RGB, each asset and collectible could be “despatched inside the identical channel,” Zucco claimed.

A extra salient use case for RGB, in accordance with Zucco, would come from issuing tether on the protocol. Since all transactions are dealt with off-chain, Zucco stated RGB carries with it the promise to be probably extra non-public than even the Lightning Community.

For one thing just like the stablecoin tether, whose on-chain handle on blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and Tron could be simply tracked and, in excessive situations, blacklisted, this might bolster tether’s privateness and censorship resistance.”

**RGB fundamental properties:**




No bitcoin timechain congestion: transactions maintain solely homomorphic commitments which require no further storage

Future-ready with out hardforks

Greater censorship-resistance than in bitcoin: miners don’t see that there’s something occurring with property in transactions

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